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P.S. Rest

P.S. Rest - Sleep Tea

Organic Sleep Blend

One of our favourite things about our Sleep blend is that it is the prettiest tea we have ever seen. With an abundance of gorgeous flowers such as chamomile, rose and lavender, just opening the packet will delight your senses as you seek to unwind.

Sleep is a relaxing blend of herbs that have traditionally been used to encourage healthy rest. This herbal blend combines the calming floral notes of lavender and chamomile with the healing properties of calendula and rose. The flavour finishes with soothing spearmint. This blend will help calm your mind and body as you unwind at night.

*Expiry: 06/24

Health benefits

  • May aid in falling asleep
  • Rich in antioxidants to help prevent cell damage
  • May help relieve menstrual pain
  • May assist to calm the nervous system and aid with anxiety and depression
  • Caffeine free


Organic spearmint, organic chamomile buds, organic rose petals, organic lavender, organic calendula petals

8 serves

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