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P.S. Rest

P.S. Rest - Bump Tea

Organic Raspberry Leaf Blend

You’re eagerly awaiting the safe arrival of your precious little one and want to do everything you can to make sure that all goes well.

Bump has been designed to help you nourish your body in its preparation for labour. The hero ingredient, raspberry leaf, is renowned for its ability to strengthen the uterus to help a mama meet her little one.

We’ve also added rooibos and a hint of vanilla to create a caffeine free, indulgent moment for late pregnancy.

Recommended for the third trimester of pregnancy.  Please speak to your health care provider for the best guidance on how to use raspberry leaf tea to prepare for labour.

Health benefits

  • Contains vitamin C and B vitamins
  • Contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous and iron
  • Contains antioxidants which can help to protect against cell damage
  • May help relieve premenstrual symptoms
  • May help strengthen the uterus
  • May shorten labour
  • May reduce birthing interventions
  • Caffeine free


Organic raspberry leaf, organic rooibos, ground vanilla

8 serves

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